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4 features that make Galaxy Brite the best copier paper for you

Copier paper is the most versatile and much-needed entity in any office space. From laser and inkjet printers, copier machines, fax machines to jotting things down by hand, copier paper is everybody’s go-to item. While several estimations had anticipated an inevitable end to paper usage over the years, the advent of electronic gadgets has completely proved this wrong. Copier paper usage has only grown over the years to give rise to several players in the market.
With so many prominent names to pick from, it becomes necessary for you, as the consumer to know the key features that set a copier paper’s quality apart.
Consider the following features to compare products and pick the best copier paper for your workspace.

Why it is important-

Brightness determines how reflective the copier paper is. High brightness is necessary to ensure a proper contrast between the ink and the toner when you print on copier paper. This quality is rated on a scale of 1 to 100. If you need your paper to show colours the way you intended them to, pick a copier paper with good brightness, i.e, rated above 92.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite is known for its hi-brite feature with an ISO Brightness rating of 98 ± 1

Why it is important-

Whiteness is a property that tells you the measurement of light reflectiveness across all wavelengths of light. This comprises the full visible spectrum. Simply put, the higher this rating the ‘whiter’ the paper is. This affects print quality and colour output to a great deal. Whiteness is measured on an index called the CIE Whiteness that measures it under an illumination closest to natural outdoor daylight. The range for most ‘white’ papers is between 130 and 170.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite copier paper comes with a ≥ 164 rated CIE Whiteness

Why it is important-

Opacity tells you how much light can pass through an object. You need to look for paper that allows very less transparency. Simply because a paper with high opacity would let you see (or read) anything printed on both sides clearly even if you held it against the light. Paper with lower opacity lets printed material bleed through to the other side. Also rated on a scale of 1 to 100, just like brightness, the higher the rate the better is the paper.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite copier paper has high opacity, rated ≥ 92

Trutone Technology
Why it is important-

Copier paper with Trutone Technology ensures several benefits. The most prominent ones are a. Quick Ink Drying b. Solid Black c. Brilliant Colours d. Sharp Images. Trutone Technology was a breakthrough in inkjet printing, which introduced a larger range of printed colours, a darker solid black, no mottling, no bleeding and controlled ink absorption to dry faster.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite is a product of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), which is the first paper company in the world to develop Trutone Technology for its multi-purpose paper.

Galaxy Brite copier paper also has the following certifications-
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
ISO 9706 – Long Life
ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
Indonesian Legal Wood – 824 303 120003-LVLK-005-IDN
Support Responsible Forest Management

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