We handle inbound, outbound logistics & customs good management for many companies in the region.Invoicing, documenting, bookkeeping, day-today operations management is dependent on accuracy & partnering with the right vendors such as Galaxy Brite, to fulfill our stationery supply needs.

Mr. Noorul Ameen
    General Manager / Cartel Shipping Services LLC


    Wellworth holds in-house capabilities in engineering, construction, testing & technical maintenance services. Our Project Management team who oversee all this, use Galaxy Brite multi-purpose paper products that are superior and very efficient in budgeting, planning, client communication & internal operations usage.Thank you Asia Pulp Paper, for coming up with such high-quality products and making them widely available in the UAE region.

    Mr. Anzar Abdulkhalam
      Managing Director / Well Worth Technical Services


      I work in the areas of business growth, customer relationship management and facilitate strategic execution.Galaxy Brite paper helps me streamline my thoughts, document my ideas better and helps my entire team execute their responsibilities in an organized manner.

      Mr. Manazir Abbas
        Managing Director / Infobahn Consultancy


        Our team specialises in deploying critical IT consulting & technology solutions for our clients while using some of the best resources, strategy & products. That way, we have been using Galaxy Brite paper products in our organisation for all our problem-solving, documenting & key operational needs. The products are not only high-quality, but also provide excellent printing results.

        Mr. Crispin Misquita
          Executive Director / Zen Interactive Technologies


          I stock up on multi-purpose paper products from Galaxy Brite for both personal as well as professional use.My work involves providing linguistic services for various business & requirements. These products come in handy since writing, documenting and working with accuracy is an important part of my daily routine.

          Rabeeh Hariri
            Seal Translation Services


            Best quality printing paper, excellent quality, highly recommended for proposals and important documents that you need in physical format.

              Annex Investments


              I have been using Galaxy papers for quite some years now, used it for various purposes both personal & professional. Be it taking official document prints or taking a print of something important for my desktop, Galaxy Brite offers great quality.

              Muthar Khan
                SAP Consultant


                We always use Galaxy Brite for printing all our invoices and quotations (we still submit a lot of documents offline), quality of Galaxy papers also help us stand out.

                Khalil Ahmed
                  Power Hydraulics


                  I use Galaxy Brite multipurpose paper for collective usage in all the departments. It is good in quality,  has a great distribution and helps in smooth functioning & administration of various business activities.

                  Prarthana Awasthi
                    Business Manager / IDS Business Center


                    I have about two decades of experience in the printing and distribution services industry. To address the evolving needs of the customers & continue to win their trust, I consider quality products from renowned brands such as Galaxy Brite, a powerful component for success!

                    Moossa M Alavi
                      Director of Business Development / Altamyz Advertising


                      I'm a print media fanatic who is focused on providing the best & cost-effective solutions to my clients.In our company, we widely use Galaxy Brite products for high-quality, double side printing & writing. Coming from a parent brand like Asia Pulp Paper, their products match global standards & are manufactured with sustainable innovation.

                      Hawas Mohammed
                        Colorline Printing Press L.L.C


                        Always great to discuss the ideas & brainstorm with the amazing prints we get with the Galaxy Brite Paper.

                          IAS Media
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