Month: March 2021

Why you should pick a paper with High brightness

A paper’s brightness is a scientific measurement of how much blue light the paper reflects. Brightness is an important aspect in choosing the right paper for your needs.

Brightness is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 – the higher the number, the brighter is the paper. 100 is the limit for standard paper made only using pulp.

The brighter a paper is, the higher is the contrast between printed words (typically in black ink) and the sheet. This makes reading easier and less strenuous on the eyes. Printing relatively shorter messages on bright paper creates maximum and lasting impact. 

While printing images, brightness influences the colour-correctness of prints. The brighter a paper is, the more blue-spectrum light it reflects, which means it absorbs warmer light tones—creating a blue-white shade. The color most people associate with white paper is true white, which is a light balanced neutral white tone. If you are printing a document with visuals that incorporate warmer tones, pick a brighter paper to make warm colours pop.

The brightness of the most commonly used paper in homes and offices varies from 90 to 100. The brighter the paper, the whiter it appears, making letters and images more crisp and vivid. Look for a higher numbered brightness for important documents.

Galaxy Brite premium multipurpose paper is rated 98 in terms of brightness. Our 80 GSM paper is the best choice for several home and office applications in printers, fax and copy machines. From printing colouring pages for your child to producing elaborate documentation for official puroses, Galaxy Brite is the right choice for every one of your paper needs.

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6 effective ways to prevent paper jams

Nobody, and we mean literally nobody likes paper jams. Especially because these happen at the most inconvenient times possible – like right before a client meeting, or as you run out of time on an important deadline!

A business owner has a million things to take care of to keep a business running smoothly. A paper jam should be the last thing that hinders a company’s business. Because frustrated employees mishandled equipment and lost productivity are not desirable at any place of work.

A paper jam costs you precious time and money. But before you hurry and make an impulse decision about replacing every printer, copier, and fax machine at your office, you should know that simply replacing the paper could drastically reduce the chances of paper jams. So here are 6 effective preventive measures to reduce printer jamming:

  1. Buy quality paper:

If you are looking to save money by investing in cheap paper, you may have a lot more at stake than you think. Buy quality paper from authorized dealers to get the smooth and crease-free paper to be inserted into your equipment.

  1. Store paper properly:

Never leave the paper in the tray after use. It absorbs or loses moisture depending on the environment. Either of these could lead to curling and jamming. Store paper in a dry, warm place in its original packaging and unwrap only when you need to use it during the day. If you store paper in a different room than your printing equipment, move it into the copy room at least 24 hours before use.

  1. Match your paper with the printer:

Laser and inkjet printers and copiers require different papers with specific weight, caliper, and size depending on the job. Always check before you load your equipment with paper.

  1. Never mix paper types:

A single place of work may use a single printer in a department for different purposes. Depending on the requirement, different thicknesses and quality of paper get used. It is important to replace the complete set of paper with a uniform kind on the tray before you hit print! Feeding your equipment with different textures and weights at the same time may confuse the printer and cause the rollers to slip instead of gripping.

  1. Maintain office equipment:

Paper dust can block sensors on your equipment. This could confuse your printer or copier to think that a paper is stuck or cause the rollers to slip. Use paper with smooth surfaces to minimize paper dust. Wipe down your equipment at least once a month to prevent external dust accumulation.

  1. Switch to Galaxy Brite:

Galaxy Brite is a premium quality multipurpose printing paper, designed to be virtually jam-free. Its heat-resistant properties make it suitable for laser printing, while fast ink drying properties due to TRUETONE technology make it suitable to also be used in inkjet printers. The Fast Copying technology allows it to provide a jam-free smooth experience in high-speed copiers.

Galaxy Brite paper’s high whiteness, brightness, and opacity make everything printed on it stand out. Discover a new dimension of paper! Try to believe it.

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