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Comprehending the World Through the Dimensions of an A4 Paper

Math has fascinated human kind for long. The magic of numbers, the patterns it creates and humankind’s grasping of it through observation led to the creation of the metric system, which defines the standard units of measurements of several things we use every day.

The humble A4 paper, which has the dimensions of 210×297 millimeters is extremely special – not because of the number in particular, but because of how we humans have systematized the size to fit into a bigger order of things!

Get ready to explore the universe through the dimensions of a simple A4 paper!

To begin with, let us understand the role the metric system plays in creating the magic. Take a sheet of A4 paper and divide into two. Each twain is exactly half that of the whole and exactly the same shape as the whole with the ratio of its sides identical. Try it with non-metric paper like origami or metric, and you will see that this property does not hold true! That is why you can see the world through an A4 paper and not other sizes.

If you divide a sheet of A4 paper in half you get A5, and dividing that in half gives you A6 and so on. The same holds true for the other way around. Double it to get A3 and double that to get A2, and then A1 and A0, which is equal to exactly 1 m2 of paper. Remember, no matter how much the size increases or decreases, the shape is the same and the dimensions are proportionate. This lets you create anything you want on an A4 size to be scaled up or down to suit any requirement. While it makes calculations for practical jobs such as printing easier, with practically no wastage, these metrics can create a far more satisfying and hypnotizing exponential spiral of literally everything there is around you!

If it were possible to physically keep diving a piece of A4 size in half, you could physically see! A4/28 is the size of a bee. A4/212 is when you would probably reach the size of a bug’s organ’s and also the limits of a human’s naked vision. At A4/224 you would reach the size of an individual cell of the bee. A4/232 would take you down to the mechanical ‘brain’ structure of each individual cell, where you would find chromosomes and DNA that are essentially the blueprints that reside within each living building block of an organism, that is the cell. A4/239 is when you would have reduced to a size so small that light wouldn’t be able to penetrate. If you tried to comprehend this in atomic terms, A4/256 would give you the width of an individual strand of a DNA. A4/264 is the width of a single atom of hydrogen. If you further kept dividing this size to enter the electron orbital and the interior to discover the very essence of matter, you would end up at nothingness, in the sense of your understanding of physical matter. The center of the atom made of a single proton which is 1/100th the size of the atom is found at A4/297. Further dividing it would take you into a realm of appearing and disappearing quarks. Here you would hover above the edge of the abyss of quantum deep. Plunge in further and you would fall into nothingness for twice as many as divisions as you have already made and you would reach an incomprehensible quantum madness, right at the floor of the building blocks of the universe we live in! That is when you would reach the limits of any current theory currently in existence as developed by humans. This is the smallest size, you may say, of the pixel that shapes reality as we know it. This dimension is roughly A4/2225.

Don’t let your head reel! Let us get back to our reality of humble A4 piece of paper – a simple 210×297 millimeters. Keep doubling it to reach the size of table. At A4x26, you’d reach the size of an average room. At A4x212 you would probably have the size of the building you’re sitting in. Keep doubling to include the size of the street the building is on, the neighborhood, and at A4x224 you would have the size of an average town. Quadruple it to get the size of a small city. A4x236 gives you the size of some of the largest cities in the world. A4x248 is where accomplishments of human civilizations begin to fade and only the light we create can be seen. A4x255 covers the distance of the earth’s farthest artificial satellites. A4x260 is where you’d meet the moon orbiting the earth. To give you better context, this is far enough for the light emitted by us on earth to take one full second to reach the moon! Past A4x268, earth gets too small to be visible. A4x276 reveals the orbits of Venus and Mars. A4x280 is the distance between where you initially started to the sun! A4x290 is where you cross the limits of the orbits of the last planets in our solar system. A couple more doublings and Voila! You reach the farthest any human-made object has travelled. At A4x2110 you would have left our home star. From here, if you travelled for a month at the speed of light, you would reach the Oort cloud with icy planetesimals that occasionally get knocked off their orbits fall inward into. Another year of travelling at light’s speed would get you to A4x2124, which is where you would finally leave the sun’s gravitational dominance. Keep doubling to mostly bump into nothing, because at this point, you would reach to discover the true nature of space, ever even our nearest stars are visible just as dots. Continue doubling to A4x2140 and you would find the appearance of an illusion of something solid – our galaxy! At the speed of light, this is 100 millenia across. At A4x2168, enormous galaxies themselves would have reduced to farther star-like visibility to create galactic filaments, which are some of the largest known structures to humans. These could be the last threads of light in the void which is our universe. At just 184 doublings of a single sheet of A4 paper, we reach the limits of the vastness of everything we know – the edge of the universe we are able to observe so far. A4x2184 can contain 2 trillion galaxies!

Fascinated? We are too!

There are endless possibilities in the world we live in. Unleash them all with Galaxy Brite A4 paper.

Why you should pick a paper with High brightness

A paper’s brightness is a scientific measurement of how much blue light the paper reflects. Brightness is an important aspect in choosing the right paper for your needs.

Brightness is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 – the higher the number, the brighter is the paper. 100 is the limit for standard paper made only using pulp.

The brighter a paper is, the higher is the contrast between printed words (typically in black ink) and the sheet. This makes reading easier and less strenuous on the eyes. Printing relatively shorter messages on bright paper creates maximum and lasting impact. 

While printing images, brightness influences the colour-correctness of prints. The brighter a paper is, the more blue-spectrum light it reflects, which means it absorbs warmer light tones—creating a blue-white shade. The color most people associate with white paper is true white, which is a light balanced neutral white tone. If you are printing a document with visuals that incorporate warmer tones, pick a brighter paper to make warm colours pop.

The brightness of the most commonly used paper in homes and offices varies from 90 to 100. The brighter the paper, the whiter it appears, making letters and images more crisp and vivid. Look for a higher numbered brightness for important documents.

Galaxy Brite premium multipurpose paper is rated 98 in terms of brightness. Our 80 GSM paper is the best choice for several home and office applications in printers, fax and copy machines. From printing colouring pages for your child to producing elaborate documentation for official puroses, Galaxy Brite is the right choice for every one of your paper needs.

Create an impact. Switch to Galaxy Brite now! Visit our website –

6 effective ways to prevent paper jams

Nobody, and we mean literally nobody likes paper jams. Especially because these happen at the most inconvenient times possible – like right before a client meeting, or as you run out of time on an important deadline!

A business owner has a million things to take care of to keep a business running smoothly. A paper jam should be the last thing that hinders a company’s business. Because frustrated employees mishandled equipment and lost productivity are not desirable at any place of work.

A paper jam costs you precious time and money. But before you hurry and make an impulse decision about replacing every printer, copier, and fax machine at your office, you should know that simply replacing the paper could drastically reduce the chances of paper jams. So here are 6 effective preventive measures to reduce printer jamming:

  1. Buy quality paper:

If you are looking to save money by investing in cheap paper, you may have a lot more at stake than you think. Buy quality paper from authorized dealers to get the smooth and crease-free paper to be inserted into your equipment.

  1. Store paper properly:

Never leave the paper in the tray after use. It absorbs or loses moisture depending on the environment. Either of these could lead to curling and jamming. Store paper in a dry, warm place in its original packaging and unwrap only when you need to use it during the day. If you store paper in a different room than your printing equipment, move it into the copy room at least 24 hours before use.

  1. Match your paper with the printer:

Laser and inkjet printers and copiers require different papers with specific weight, caliper, and size depending on the job. Always check before you load your equipment with paper.

  1. Never mix paper types:

A single place of work may use a single printer in a department for different purposes. Depending on the requirement, different thicknesses and quality of paper get used. It is important to replace the complete set of paper with a uniform kind on the tray before you hit print! Feeding your equipment with different textures and weights at the same time may confuse the printer and cause the rollers to slip instead of gripping.

  1. Maintain office equipment:

Paper dust can block sensors on your equipment. This could confuse your printer or copier to think that a paper is stuck or cause the rollers to slip. Use paper with smooth surfaces to minimize paper dust. Wipe down your equipment at least once a month to prevent external dust accumulation.

  1. Switch to Galaxy Brite:

Galaxy Brite is a premium quality multipurpose printing paper, designed to be virtually jam-free. Its heat-resistant properties make it suitable for laser printing, while fast ink drying properties due to TRUETONE technology make it suitable to also be used in inkjet printers. The Fast Copying technology allows it to provide a jam-free smooth experience in high-speed copiers.

Galaxy Brite paper’s high whiteness, brightness, and opacity make everything printed on it stand out. Discover a new dimension of paper! Try to believe it.

Get in touch with our authorized paper dealers to get Galaxy Brite for your commercial requirements. We are also available at leading stationery shops across the Middle East and Africa.

APP – Making the paper industry more sustainable

At Asia Pulp & Paper, we strive to achieve comprehensive sustainability. Our strategy sets out 10 key impact areas relevant to our stakeholders across our business and the wide supply chain.

APP launched the sustainability road map in 2012 with a focus on climate change, emissions, solid waste, reforestation, conservation & biodiversity, human rights & indigenous people, community empowerment, employee welfare, fiber sourcing, and water management. Our ambitious goals are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out by the UN.

In 2013, we established the Forest Conservation Policy to complement the roadmap we had set out on.

Here are the targets we set out to achieve and where we are today.

Climate change – Implement peatland best-practice management program

Status – Achieved

Emissions – 10% reduction on carbon intensity (2012 baseline); 10% reduction in energy intensity (2012 baseline); and 10% below national and/or regional limits for annual SOc and NOx

Status – Achieved

Solid waste – 25% reduction in solid waste to landfill (2010 baseline)

Status – Achieved

Reforestation – Support the national target to preserve designated protected and conservation areas

Status – Achieved

Conservation & biodiversity – Zero fiber from high conservation value forest; Support the national target to increase the population of 25 specified endangered species by 10%

Status – Achieved

Human rights & indigenous people – Adopt international guidelines for the protection of indigenous people’s customary rights in the forest and implement responsible conflict management

Status – Achieved

Community empowerment – Increasewelfare of indigenous and local communities to maintain good relations

Status – Achieved

Employee welfare – Zero employee and contractor fatalities, a major fire and traffic accidents on site

Status – On track

Fiber sourcing – 100% independent 3rd party verification for pulpwood legality; 100% sustainable plantation wood for pulp; 100% Sustainable Forest Management certified pulpwood; Maintain a sustainable proportion of recovered fiber in addition to renewable virgin fiber, and develop and implement Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plans

Status – Achieved

Water management – 10% reduction in water intensity (2013 baseline); 10% below national and/or regional limits for COD and BOD; and improve management of water use in line with UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate Program

Status – Achieved

APP’s vision is to couple economic Development with environmental responsibility. We strive to achieve it through efficient production and innovative product design.

✓ 30% reduction in carbon footprint

✓ Over half a million hectares of natural forest conserved, along with 25 endangered species

✓Improving the lives of millions with our community empowerment, employee welfare, and human rights & indigenous people’s programs

We are an ethical corporation that works each today towards incorporating the best practices to make our products as sustainable as possible. Become an environmentally conscious paper user with quality products from the house of APP.

Galaxy Brite multipurpose A4 paper is APP’s proud creation. Our acid-free high white and bright paper are suitable for all household, academic and professional laser and inkjet printing, writing, and noting needs.

Why is Paper So Satisfying?

There is something about paper that makes our brain so happy!

Did you know? The quality paper makes an impact on each one of us, even when we don’t realise it. It is because the human brain seeks sensory experiences. In fact, more than half of the brain is dedicated to receiving multiple sensory experiences. Paper manages to appeal to so many parts of our brain at the same time. No wonder we all find paper so satisfying, even if it is deep within!

When put on paper, the texture, colour and finish come together to speak to you. Communication becomes something beautiful, beyond the written or printed words, which is why we tend to pay more attention and understand better when we read off paper. While digital means to read stand the risk of proving a sensory overload or a plethora of distractions, the paper is soothing to almost all your senses at once.


Think about the last time you were at a restaurant and a menu was handed to you. Did it say something about the quality of the restaurant itself, didn’t it? It was clearly the beginning of an experience that heightened your opinion of the brand itself, made you comfortable in the ambience and like the food more. Now imagine that everything else was exactly the same, but the menu was printed on a flimsy piece of paper torn at the corners. You probably wouldn’t even order your meal after laying your hands on that menu!

People find the need to touch things without realising it. Touching something makes it real and a part of the environment. Touch comes naturally to us. In an era of continuous digitization, the paper introduces a more rustic touch that appeals better to the senses.

Think of the last wedding invitation card you received. The quality of the card spoke to you and created an image of the wedding in your head. You possibly anticipated the dishes that were going to be served at the wedding banquet. You probably guessed the kind of venue even before looking at it. You couldn’t do the same with a digital invitation, even if you tried.

That is the power of touch. It creates a sense of ownership of the object, which lets your brain connect and analyse anything better. Something you can touch bestows upon you a sense of value and trustworthiness. Something you can trust creates a more satisfying experience.


Colour on paper is received better by us than the colour on the screen. Colours are more dramatic and appealing on printed material than it is on a digital screen. While screens emit coloured rays of light directly into your eyes, the paper reflects light from your surroundings to create a more soothing and realistic viewing experience.

Because paper is easier on the eyes, it lets you read for longer without straining you. It is also easier for you to focus and read every line, every word more carefully when you read on paper. Don’t believe it? Observe how you tend to glance through keywords the next time you read an email on your desktop or a celebrity gossip news piece on your smartphone. You are likely to catch yourself urging to scroll down faster too. Viewing on screen makes you restless. Paper, on the other hand, lets you take your own sweet time.

Printed material that has the right colours can hold your attention more easily and help retain information for longer. While not all of us are blessed with an eidetic memory, we do find ourselves recalling something we read on a piece of paper more easily in the eyes of our minds.


The smell of fresh ink on paper or a new book is so satisfying to our senses. Biblichor, or the smell exuded by old books, is something digital screens can never recreate! We absolutely love you if you love the raw pulpy odour of mill-made paper, fresh out of a ream.

Paper has an earthy smell associated with it that adds to the reading, writing or viewing experience. It comes from organic material, such as cellulose from wood pulp reacting to sunlight, air and everything around to create volatile complex compounds. The smell gets stronger over time depending on the chemicals used to process the paper.

Although our acid-free paper lasts longer, it doesn’t hinder with the pleasant olfactory experience paper is supposed to naturally create. Flip through a pile of printed sheets to feel satisfied, just the same.


Paper makes everything look and feel better. No, we aren’t just talking about what’s printed on paper and what you feel when you look at it. Paper has a sophisticated aesthetic value.

A library of physical books is a great place to hang out at, even for non-readers. Watch yourself closely when you are around books or just a stack of printed papers. Your hands unconsciously reach out and your eyes focus all your attention on it as your fingers begin to flip through pages, even if you don’t intend to read. Paper is so pleasing that it grabs and holds your attention.

Gifting someone a real book feels more valuable than gifting an e-book that costs the same. A personal library, no matter how small, becomes a conversation starter. On the other hand, you might have difficulty in even bringing up the topic of an e-book that you recently read.

Waiting rooms are equipped with exquisite magazines on a coffee table. Have you wondered why your dentist or hairstylist still subscribes to those expensive magazines instead of placing a couple of tablets connected to the internet that lets you browse through anything you want? For starters, those magazines add subtle elegance to the waiting room’s decor. More importantly, you are likely to spend time flipping pages through a magazine more patiently as you wait.

We spend a lot of our time staring at digital screens today. Paper comes as a breath of fresh air. The way paper looks, smells and feels leaves a lasting impact on you. Choose to experience the satisfying effects, among numerous other benefits paper offers. It could uplift your mood or make your life!

What You Need to Know If You are Looking for a Wholesale Paper Supplier

Finding the right wholesale paper supplier demands a whole lot of dedicated time and research. A4 copier paper is one of the most commonly used commodities across the globe, which means you have several trading options. You must make sure you pick the one that suits your needs long-term. But above all, you need to be sure that you aren’t getting scammed!

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to make the process easier.

Look for suppliers who can guarantee high-quality paper consistently. You need someone who is willing to fix problems immediately when they arise. Do your research to understand the standards that determine good quality in paper and ask your supplier specific questions to be sure you get everything you need. Jam Free, High brightness, high whiteness, and high opacity are all desired qualities in the paper. Durability, uniform ink absorption, quick-drying, and compatibility with high-speed copiers are some other quality aspects to inquire about as well.

Price and payments-
Quality suppliers often pose a hard bargain. If you have an offer that is lower than the international standard, it is possible you are dealing with a scammer. Do not get lured in by suspiciously low-priced paper suppliers. In most cases, quality is compromised.
Avoid suppliers who demand full upfront payment. Use Letters of Credit or Escrow Services to make payments. This way, both parties have trusted financial security and you get to make the payment when your goods are delivered.

Availability –
Being available and accessible is a huge marker of good customer service. You need a reliable supplier who is available to supply continuously, throughout the year. It is one of the most crucial things to keep your professional workspace running smoothly.
Do everything possible to make sure that you are in business with a supplier who is able to deliver on your requirement on time on a regular basis. Find a supplier with who you can strike a mutually beneficial long-term deal.

Relevant Documentation-
Every genuine exporter has some form of documentation from relevant authorities in their country of operation confirming their validity. Always ask a new supplier for their export license and any other document that could help you verify their legitimacy. Any company or individual that refuses or hesitates to furnish you with these documents is a red flag. Go the extra mile to protect yourself from fake documentation by getting it verified with your country’s official authorities.
Also, investigate the sales rep you are in touch with. Remember that in the trade as wide-spread for a commodity like paper, several fraudsters pose to be sales reps of real and highly respected companies.

Environmental responsibility-
Look for suppliers who trade in the environmentally responsible paper. Ask for relevant certification details and look out for them on the packaging to be sure you are really getting what you are promised. Paper made by companies that grow their own trees to make paper, sustainable energy usage, zero-deforestation policy across the supply chain, responsible environmental management, and reduced emissions are desirable.

Winning habits you need to adopt today!

We have all come across highly productive people who seem to get everything done on time or early. Whether a friend or a colleague, we have seen people who accomplish more than an average person and are able to optimize their daily lifestyle to accommodate hobbies, healthy personal habits and more.
How do these people always work at maximum efficiency? Do these highly productive individuals have habits in common? The answer is, yes. And the good news is, you can adopt these winning habits too.
Some daily challenges we all face every day are-
– Procrastinating
– Having to complete mundane tasks that need to be done
– Focusing
– Prioritising tasks
– Staying motivated and energized throughout the day
It is no different for highly productive people. The difference is in the attitude used to tackle these challenges and some simple habits that can get things done more easily.

Here are 12 highly effective habits that can make you productive-

1. Always prioritize the most difficult task at hand while making your checklist. You can include 1-3 high priority tasks and fit smaller, easier tasks around it. Schedule deep work time so you have plenty of time to dedicate to such tasks. This habit ensures you have no room to procrastinate.

2. Keep a distraction list. Have a sheet of paper and a pen handy to jot down distracting thoughts that pop up. Physically writing the distraction down is your way of ensuring you don’t dwell on the thought for too long and waste time. If the thought is important, you can always go back to your list later.

3. Create a Do-Plan-Delegate-Eliminate list. Organizing your tasks this way helps prioritize based on urgency and importance. Accept that not every task needs to be done by you or done at all. Think long term to make sure you aren’t wasting time on something that may seem important now, but may actually be redundant.

4. Adopt the 80-20 rule. 20% of your efforts yield the results in any pursuit. Find ways to cut down 80% unnecessary effort off your schedule to maximize efficiency. Do only what absolutely needs to be done.

5. Break tasks into smaller sub-tasks. It helps avoid procrastination while giving you the satisfaction of having checked off more items on your list. Identify milestones along the task to focus on getting them done one at a time.

6. Schedule breaks. It helps avoid distractions. Intentionally stop working for about 5 minutes to let yourself rest after every 25 minutes of work. This is known to keep you energized as well as creative.

7. Don’t spend too much time making unimportant decisions. Such things include what to wear, eat, etc. Outsource or eliminate decision-making about things that aren’t going to significantly change your life if done differently. It helps save energy, space in your mind, and time.

8. Find a way to automate repeated tasks. If you are in a team or leading it, come up with a standard operating procedure to accomplish repetitive tasks. Consider delegating it to juniors/interns. Use technology to come up with shortcuts when possible.

9. Constantly learn from mistakes. Analyze it and find ways to prevent it. Create a personal feedback loop to ensure you constantly learn from mistakes and make yourself better. This habit gets you closer to success. It also helps to be prepared with a plan before things go wrong.

10. Don’t wait for motivation or inspiration. Focus on getting started. Breaking your task down into smaller chunks is a great way to get started if the enormity of the task overwhelms you. It gives you the confidence to begin.

11. Don’t multitask, especially when you need the same mental resources to get both done. Rapidly switching your attention between two or more tasks doesn’t let you complete any of them efficiently. Focus on checking off one task at a time.

12. Learn to say no. It is a conscious decision you need to make, so you get what’s already on your plate done. Do what you already have to do to the best of your ability, without mindlessly taking on other tasks that you know will make you less productive.

In conclusion, remember that all these habits work best when you are your best self. Learn to put yourself first and take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Eat, sleep, and do things other than work that make you happy. Ask for help if you need it.

Make it a habit to reflect on each day to identify what you are doing right and what can be made better. Physically write your thoughts down on paper to give your thoughts more clarity as you evaluate your own day.

5 Essential Vision Board Creation Tips to Help You Stay More Focused

Goal setting and visualizing your dreams have unparalleled power. They help you think, focus and eventually achieve, as a result of consistent efforts. The Vision Board is a powerful tool that helps you identify the path to reach your goals.

Before you create a vision board, you need to identify your vision. Begin by understanding what a vision is. A vision is your image of an ideal life. It represents all the people, things, accomplishments you hold close and defines the legacy you wish to leave behind. Identifying your vision is about finding your life’s purpose.

Once you create an idea of what your life should look like, short or long term, it is time to make it a tangible entity. A vision board works as a visual reference point to keep you on track. By constantly motivating you, a vision board helps you regain focus time and again along the way.

Now that you are ready to create the ‘big picture’, here are 5 essential tips to make a vision board that never fails you:

1. Make it lively
Do you remember the exhilaration you felt when you first visualized the future you wanted for yourself? Make an effort to create a vision board that reminds you of that feeling to keep you motivated, especially on the tough days. Make it colorful. Be selective and pick pictures that are closest to the image you created for yourself in your head.

2. Remind yourself ‘why’
Nothing can drive you to achieve something more than the reason itself. Be sure to include why something needs to be a part of your big picture. Remember to be affirmative and positive. Focus on the vision, and not the negative feeling that could be the underlying cause.

3. Include action items
While you need to focus on what your future looks like, it is also important to include what will get you there. Include words, quotes, thoughts and images that represent or can inspire you to physically take action to get you closer to achieving everything you want. This could also prove to be a powerful habit-forming tool to make your life better.

4. Go beyond the material
A vision board could be more effective if it became a constant reminder of how you want to feel. After all, the happiness you derive out of achieving your dreams is what makes it worth your efforts. Show yourself the real big picture by featuring the emotions you constantly see yourself seeking. Pictures of yourself looking happy can become an important part of your vision board.

5. Pick the right spot
A vision board works best if you are able to spend some time with it every day. Find a place that gives you a clear view. The vision board’s purpose is to ensure your goals are always at the top of your mind. Take some time to contemplate your vision board every day. Let your dreams guide and inspire you.

Your vision board can be as big as a wall, or as small as a post-it note. But a vision board the size of a sheet of paper is most optimum. It can comfortably sit on your nightstand or be placed with your work essentials to be the visual reminder that keeps you focused.

Create your vision board using the Galaxy Brite premium copier paper with hi-brite technology to keep your focus as sharp as its unparalleled image quality.




4 features that make Galaxy Brite the best copier paper for you

Copier paper is the most versatile and much-needed entity in any office space. From laser and inkjet printers, copier machines, fax machines to jotting things down by hand, copier paper is everybody’s go-to item. While several estimations had anticipated an inevitable end to paper usage over the years, the advent of electronic gadgets has completely proved this wrong. Copier paper usage has only grown over the years to give rise to several players in the market.
With so many prominent names to pick from, it becomes necessary for you, as the consumer to know the key features that set a copier paper’s quality apart.
Consider the following features to compare products and pick the best copier paper for your workspace.

Why it is important-

Brightness determines how reflective the copier paper is. High brightness is necessary to ensure a proper contrast between the ink and the toner when you print on copier paper. This quality is rated on a scale of 1 to 100. If you need your paper to show colours the way you intended them to, pick a copier paper with good brightness, i.e, rated above 92.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite is known for its hi-brite feature with an ISO Brightness rating of 98 ± 1

Why it is important-

Whiteness is a property that tells you the measurement of light reflectiveness across all wavelengths of light. This comprises the full visible spectrum. Simply put, the higher this rating the ‘whiter’ the paper is. This affects print quality and colour output to a great deal. Whiteness is measured on an index called the CIE Whiteness that measures it under an illumination closest to natural outdoor daylight. The range for most ‘white’ papers is between 130 and 170.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite copier paper comes with a ≥ 164 rated CIE Whiteness

Why it is important-

Opacity tells you how much light can pass through an object. You need to look for paper that allows very less transparency. Simply because a paper with high opacity would let you see (or read) anything printed on both sides clearly even if you held it against the light. Paper with lower opacity lets printed material bleed through to the other side. Also rated on a scale of 1 to 100, just like brightness, the higher the rate the better is the paper.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite copier paper has high opacity, rated ≥ 92

Trutone Technology
Why it is important-

Copier paper with Trutone Technology ensures several benefits. The most prominent ones are a. Quick Ink Drying b. Solid Black c. Brilliant Colours d. Sharp Images. Trutone Technology was a breakthrough in inkjet printing, which introduced a larger range of printed colours, a darker solid black, no mottling, no bleeding and controlled ink absorption to dry faster.
Why Galaxy Brite is your best pick-
Galaxy Brite is a product of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), which is the first paper company in the world to develop Trutone Technology for its multi-purpose paper.

Galaxy Brite copier paper also has the following certifications-
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
ISO 9706 – Long Life
ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
Indonesian Legal Wood – 824 303 120003-LVLK-005-IDN
Support Responsible Forest Management

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