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APP – Making the paper industry more sustainable

At Asia Pulp & Paper, we strive to achieve comprehensive sustainability. Our strategy sets out 10 key impact areas relevant to our stakeholders across our business and the wide supply chain.

APP launched the sustainability road map in 2012 with a focus on climate change, emissions, solid waste, reforestation, conservation & biodiversity, human rights & indigenous people, community empowerment, employee welfare, fiber sourcing, and water management. Our ambitious goals are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out by the UN.

In 2013, we established the Forest Conservation Policy to complement the roadmap we had set out on.

Here are the targets we set out to achieve and where we are today.

Climate change – Implement peatland best-practice management program

Status – Achieved

Emissions – 10% reduction on carbon intensity (2012 baseline); 10% reduction in energy intensity (2012 baseline); and 10% below national and/or regional limits for annual SOc and NOx

Status – Achieved

Solid waste – 25% reduction in solid waste to landfill (2010 baseline)

Status – Achieved

Reforestation – Support the national target to preserve designated protected and conservation areas

Status – Achieved

Conservation & biodiversity – Zero fiber from high conservation value forest; Support the national target to increase the population of 25 specified endangered species by 10%

Status – Achieved

Human rights & indigenous people – Adopt international guidelines for the protection of indigenous people’s customary rights in the forest and implement responsible conflict management

Status – Achieved

Community empowerment – Increasewelfare of indigenous and local communities to maintain good relations

Status – Achieved

Employee welfare – Zero employee and contractor fatalities, a major fire and traffic accidents on site

Status – On track

Fiber sourcing – 100% independent 3rd party verification for pulpwood legality; 100% sustainable plantation wood for pulp; 100% Sustainable Forest Management certified pulpwood; Maintain a sustainable proportion of recovered fiber in addition to renewable virgin fiber, and develop and implement Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plans

Status – Achieved

Water management – 10% reduction in water intensity (2013 baseline); 10% below national and/or regional limits for COD and BOD; and improve management of water use in line with UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate Program

Status – Achieved

APP’s vision is to couple economic Development with environmental responsibility. We strive to achieve it through efficient production and innovative product design.

✓ 30% reduction in carbon footprint

✓ Over half a million hectares of natural forest conserved, along with 25 endangered species

✓Improving the lives of millions with our community empowerment, employee welfare, and human rights & indigenous people’s programs

We are an ethical corporation that works each today towards incorporating the best practices to make our products as sustainable as possible. Become an environmentally conscious paper user with quality products from the house of APP.

Galaxy Brite multipurpose A4 paper is APP’s proud creation. Our acid-free high white and bright paper are suitable for all household, academic and professional laser and inkjet printing, writing, and noting needs.

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