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What You Need to Know If You are Looking for a Wholesale Paper Supplier

Finding the right wholesale paper supplier demands a whole lot of dedicated time and research. A4 copier paper is one of the most commonly used commodities across the globe, which means you have several trading options. You must make sure you pick the one that suits your needs long-term. But above all, you need to be sure that you aren’t getting scammed!

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to make the process easier.

Look for suppliers who can guarantee high-quality paper consistently. You need someone who is willing to fix problems immediately when they arise. Do your research to understand the standards that determine good quality in paper and ask your supplier specific questions to be sure you get everything you need. Jam Free, High brightness, high whiteness, and high opacity are all desired qualities in the paper. Durability, uniform ink absorption, quick-drying, and compatibility with high-speed copiers are some other quality aspects to inquire about as well.

Price and payments-
Quality suppliers often pose a hard bargain. If you have an offer that is lower than the international standard, it is possible you are dealing with a scammer. Do not get lured in by suspiciously low-priced paper suppliers. In most cases, quality is compromised.
Avoid suppliers who demand full upfront payment. Use Letters of Credit or Escrow Services to make payments. This way, both parties have trusted financial security and you get to make the payment when your goods are delivered.

Availability –
Being available and accessible is a huge marker of good customer service. You need a reliable supplier who is available to supply continuously, throughout the year. It is one of the most crucial things to keep your professional workspace running smoothly.
Do everything possible to make sure that you are in business with a supplier who is able to deliver on your requirement on time on a regular basis. Find a supplier with who you can strike a mutually beneficial long-term deal.

Relevant Documentation-
Every genuine exporter has some form of documentation from relevant authorities in their country of operation confirming their validity. Always ask a new supplier for their export license and any other document that could help you verify their legitimacy. Any company or individual that refuses or hesitates to furnish you with these documents is a red flag. Go the extra mile to protect yourself from fake documentation by getting it verified with your country’s official authorities.
Also, investigate the sales rep you are in touch with. Remember that in the trade as wide-spread for a commodity like paper, several fraudsters pose to be sales reps of real and highly respected companies.

Environmental responsibility-
Look for suppliers who trade in the environmentally responsible paper. Ask for relevant certification details and look out for them on the packaging to be sure you are really getting what you are promised. Paper made by companies that grow their own trees to make paper, sustainable energy usage, zero-deforestation policy across the supply chain, responsible environmental management, and reduced emissions are desirable.

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